Dr. Galliano works in adding TMS, if appropriate, in conjunction with your patient's current treatment plan. Your patient will remain your patient.

General Eligibility Criteria:

(insurance purposes)

  1. Patient diagnosed with MDD.

   2. Patient has tried at least 3 anti-depressants.

   3. Patient has tried talk therapy without success.


**Patients should not have metal implants in the head and neck area (dental implants do not apply to this rule)**

If you would like to refer a patient for treatment please provide patient demographics, insurance information, and a complete list of medication history, including medication names, dosages, trial dates, and outcomes. 

For non-prescribers please provide patient demographics, insurance information, treatment modality, and outcomes.

Please fax all deep TMS patient referrals to 904-853-5885 or call us at 904-853-5867


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